A Technical post – CloudBerry Explorer PRO

TPlumber Husband likes to sort out all our data storage, well, maybe he doesn’t like it, but he has to, as I’m completely inept in that area.

Anyway, he’s very pleased with this new CloudBerry software, which helps us manage our photos, videos, and various manuscript versions (!) up in the Amazon S3 cloud.

Over to him, since plumbers can write as well as plumb –

“Having joined Amazon S3 cloud storage for our data, we needed a program to manage and upload the data, the Amazon desktop was not user friendly and after checking the forums discovered CloudBerry Explorer PRO. There are others out there too, I tried a couple of programs including this one and it just felt right.

There were a few teething problems and I emailed the team and started a dialogue listing my problems and general questions. I suggested some improvements that hopefully will be implemented in the future. I have to say the experience was good, a quick response and they never tired of my replies to their comments.

I can strongly recommend this and I have been using it now constantly for some weeks. I have been uploading data constantly and by shortening the number of files that are uploaded at once, they call it streaming, it seems to work better, perhaps a faster BB would prevent this.

Moving data to Glacier was a cinch with this program, the S3 program was not that simple but here no problem.”