If manuscripts were dogs….

Learner bloggers are often advised not to write about their pets. No one’s interested in your cat or dog unless you’re Neil Gaiman or (insert famous author name),* though I guess if you have a pet crocodile or armadillo, that makes a good post.

Apologies then, as in my case, Bertie serves as a living canine reminder of how long I’ve been writing. He was there at the very beginning, making him roughly the same age as my manuscript.

black cocker spaniel puppy, bertie Back then, he was a messy little distraction, dashing about all over the place and constantly craving attention; meanwhile, on the computer, my children’s novel was much the same.

But unlike the manuscript, Bertie grew up quickly.

He now looks like this…..

Black cocker spaniel, Bertie

And if my manuscript was a canine….



it would look like this.

Serious editing required!

If your current manuscript was a dog, what would it look like?

* (worth clicking on the link, lovely black and white photos of famous authors and their dogs)