I phone

phone booth

photo credit Danny Bowman

“Who’s that?”
“A friend. I don’t have long. Just a quick message.”
“You’re going on a school trip today.”
“How do you…?”
“I know you are. I just need to tell you… sit at the back of the coach.”
“You promised to sit with Ashleigh, but trust me, sit with Jimmy Morris.”
“And Madeleine?”
“Jimmy likes you.”
The old woman put down the phone, and hugged her husband.
“That’s sorted,” she said.
“Chances are we’d still have got together.”
“You can’t leave these things to chance, Jimmy,” said Madeleine Morris, Inventor of the Time-Bending Telephone.


This story was written for the Friday Fictioneers, as hosted on Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ site. Click the smiley blue guy to read more stories from other authors.

I may be a bit late reading stories this week, so please accept my apologies if I don’t visit your site until the weekend 🙂

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47 thoughts on “I phone

    • I pleased.

      You do a great job reading all these stories every week. Thank you.

  1. This is a unique perspective to the picture prompt.
    I don’t think anyone’s going to write about a time machine of any kind.

    • Yes, the juggling is hard isn’t it? I’d love to read all the stories posted on Rochelle’s site, but I know I’ll never have the time. And thank goodness for the Like button for when I’m really in a hurry!

    • Big, big Doctor Who fans in this house, so I guess it must have crept into the story 🙂

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  3. Wow. That gave me goosebumps for the first half (I thought she was going to warn of an accident she’d only survive by being at the back of the bus) and then made laugh at the second half. Great writing.

    • Thanks Claire. The accident idea crossed my mind, but I’m glad I went with the romantic option!

  4. where do I procure one of those? I loved this! I am such a romantic at heart, this was pure poetry in motion.
    Love finds a way….right? 😉

    • Thank you Kir, I don’t write a lot of romance, so this was fun!

  5. Awesome. I really enjoyed this one. What else would the inventor of a time-bending phone do? This is really clever.

    • You could have a lot of fun with a phone like this, couldn’t you? So many possible phone calls to make…

      • Absolutely. I’d be my own broker and call myself with stock options. I’d do the same as in your story. Call myself and tell me to stay away from “her.” She’s looney. I’d have to make a lot of calls like that…

        • I wouldn’t want your phone bill then! Though it sounds like you’ve got it covered with the stocks and shares:-)

    • You’re probably right, time travel often ends badly in fiction doesn’t it?

  6. I am pretty sure Doc Brown and Marty McFly would frown on this practice of influencing the future. I however fully endorse the practice. Very good.

  7. First time I’ve read one of your stories. Really well done! As you said to Janet, never enough time to read everyone’s story, so I try to read some I haven’t yet. Thanks for the great read!

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