Bearskins and Backpacks

“Can you do this?” asks the girl, touching a lollipop-stained tongue to her freckled nose.

Lance-Sergeant Blackwood, who can kill with his bare hands, grits his teeth and studies a nervous man amongst the tourists.
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A Pianoload of Clowns

Kaylee suspected this was ‘wrong’, but the little clowns were quite insistent.

“Stupid girl! Hurry!” snapped the clown in the enormous hat.

Bertie snarled.

Never trust a man your dog doesn’t like, Kaylee thought.
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Professor MacDougal and the Improbable Metamorph Punch

The aftermath of this year’s Graduation Ball is a complete shambles, and Professor MacDougal is left to pick up the pieces! Continue reading

Ma’s new iHome

The iHome has a remote that changes its exterior, moves furniture around, and even controls the toilet. What happens if it falls into the wrong hands? Continue reading

I phone

photo credit Danny Bowman “Hello?” “Madeleine?” “Who’s that?” “A friend. I don’t have long. Just a quick message.” “Huh?” “You’re going on a school trip today.” “How do you…?” “I know you are. I just need to tell you… sit … Continue reading