The Librarian

Library of books

Picture copyright: Claire Fuller

Roger Compton, Digital Archivist, thought the Librarian would be a big help.
She even made him tea.
But thereafter she sat behind her desk: watching, like a scientist observing a new species. In a sense he was; his equipment would digitise the collection – making her irrelevant.
He reached for ‘Josiah Winscott – Secret Life’.
Then stumbled.
Titles blurred before him.
“Help me….” he gasped, eyes bulging.
The Librarian stared.
Such a noisy man, and waited as the tea took effect.
Later, she placed ‘Josiah Winscott’  back on his shelf, before flicking through ‘Roger Compton – My Life in Books’.
Then filed him in ‘New Arrivals’.

This story was written for the Friday Fictioneers. Click the smiley blue guy to read more stories from other authors.

37 thoughts on “The Librarian

    • I Iove libraries, but sometimes when they’re deserted and real quiet, I think they are a bit creepy.

    • There’s a thought! Now the Librarian’s life story? That might sell a few copies!

  1. Wow. That sucks for Roger, and I suspect, Josiah at one point, too. That librarian isn’t very nice. She surely knows how to protect her job. Remind me to stay clear. 😀 Well done.

    • Thanks Debra, my thoughts are that she’s been collecting people for quite a while, and she’s not going to give that up without a fight. Course, if she got a Kindle, she could carry a whole town load of people around!

    • Thanks Sandra. I did struggle to cut my excess words this week and keep the pacing. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    • Well, poor Roger’s tale was cut a bit short! Let’s hope we’ve all got a good few pages to add yet 🙂

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