Old Abe’s Diner

diner.jpg“Two minutes, Mr President,” Renfield announced, over the thump-thump of approaching helicopters.

Damned landslide. Stuck in Abe’s Diner all morning.

Renfield smiled warmly as the old man took his mug.

“Thanks, Abe.”

Abe grunted.

His grand-daughter hovered near the President’s table.

With the thunderous arrival of the Sikorsky, crockery shook and rattled.

Lucy crept closer.

“Is it true?” she whispered. “Are all politicians blood suckers?”

The President flashed a smile – razor sharp.

Lucy squealed.

As the Secret Service scrambled his President onto Marine One, Renfield came back.

“Thanks again, Mr…?”

“Van Helsing,” said the old man, coldly.  “Abraham Van Helsing.”    




Photo Credit: Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The names in this story are taken from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and it was inspired by Halloween, the Presidential election, and way too much Vampire Diaries on TV. No political bias intended, in my mind the President is neither Obama nor Romney, but rather Timothy Olyphant (with fangs) – which would make my Halloween!

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34 thoughts on “Old Abe’s Diner

  1. Dear Trudy,

    One of the better vampire stories ever seen on FF. Loved the truth told smilingly by the Bloodsucker in Chief. Why’d old Abe let him get away?



    • Thanks Doug. I think once they reached the White House, Abe probably threw in the towel. Doesn’t mean he’s happy they came to his diner though!

  2. I’m not into vampire stories, so I didn’t get the significance of the last line. But I liked the structure of this piece – nicely done.

    • Ah, thanks Ron. I think Abe might have been moved to action if the President did get peckish, so it would have been stakes all round! Sorry!

    • Thanks, I never know how many clues to put in – glad to know it wasn’t too much of a giveaway.

  3. I got a bit muddled about who was speaking and where they were and whether the granddaughter and Lucy were the same person, but on a secod read it all came together better and I certainly shuddered at the twist!

    • I always struggle to keep within 100 words, and probably lost some clarity along the way. Glad you persevered with it, and that it made sense eventually!

    • Hmm, not sure of your meaning I’m afraid. I’m not aware of hearing Van Helsing in any other context recently. Am I missing something?

  4. Haha, Olyphant 2016! Great writing – the description of the helicopter’s arrival was great running through the background, and the pacing was right on. Nice!

    • Thanks Brian, glad you liked the pacing – I did struggle to achieve it in the 100 words (I started out with near on 250!), so I’m pleased to hear you think I got it right. 🙂

  5. If it’s the Commander in Chief he disagrees with…I hope Van Helsing added something powerful in his food and/or drink to give him diarrhea for the next 5 days.

    • Yes, a few of you seem to think I should have let Abe tackle the President – and I think it would have made an even better twist at the end it I could have incorporated something like that.

    • Ha! Though I guess the character played by Walton Goggins would be more recognisable as a slippery politician!

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