Invisible Friend

lonely girl

Evie’s family make fun of her invisible friend Bobby, and now they expect her to meet the Mad Old Hippy, Aunt Freda? It’s not happening. Continue reading

The Will

rusty bike, rust sculpture

A family of witches and warlocks bicker over a Will – but who will get the enchanted bike? Continue reading


“This tower is 700 years old,” said Uncle Atticus. “The house came later.”

Lotta trailed behind. The incessant winding left her dizzy. Added to that, his tower smelt bad. Bat droppings. Damp. An unidentified animal smell that seeped beneath the doors on every landing.
Quite a start to her first flying lesson.
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Grandma’s Camper Van

Grandma parked her camper van beside a sprawling oak, leaving eight year old Lotta roadside, collecting payment. As a steady trickle of townsfolk appeared, Lotta watched Grandma delve amongst her treasures, dispensing potions for all manner of mumbled ailments.

It was sundown before the last customer skulked away.
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