Bearskins and Backpacks

“Can you do this?” asks the girl, touching a lollipop-stained tongue to her freckled nose.

Lance-Sergeant Blackwood, who can kill with his bare hands, grits his teeth and studies a nervous man amongst the tourists.
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A Pianoload of Clowns

Kaylee suspected this was ‘wrong’, but the little clowns were quite insistent.

“Stupid girl! Hurry!” snapped the clown in the enormous hat.

Bertie snarled.

Never trust a man your dog doesn’t like, Kaylee thought.
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Professor MacDougal and the Improbable Metamorph Punch

The aftermath of this year’s Graduation Ball is a complete shambles, and Professor MacDougal is left to pick up the pieces! Continue reading

Ma’s new iHome

The iHome has a remote that changes its exterior, moves furniture around, and even controls the toilet. What happens if it falls into the wrong hands? Continue reading


wrought iron fence with pillars

Uncle was a great explorer, but unused to children. And what does he keep behind the fence? Could you resist climbing over? Continue reading