wrought iron fence with pillars

Uncle was a great explorer, but unused to children. And what does he keep behind the fence? Could you resist climbing over? Continue reading

Children’s Writing Competitions

I’m re blogging this from Lorrie Porter’s website, where she lists some great competitions for children’s fiction writers.  I might be entering if I can get some submissions ready!

Invisible Friend

lonely girl

Evie’s family make fun of her invisible friend Bobby, and now they expect her to meet the Mad Old Hippy, Aunt Freda? It’s not happening. Continue reading


Wishing Ball

A magical Grandma offers to grant the townsfolk one wish. But whose wish will prevail? Continue reading

The Cabinet of Curiosities – and why you should be reading it.

cabinet from Harry Potter shop

Look, I’ve been following this blog The Cabinet of Curiosities for several weeks now, and I just had to write this.

Every week, the four Curators (authors) post a story, and their imaginations and creativity will amaze. If you like children’s fiction, check it out. If you like things a bit dark, and creepy, and imaginative, and magical – check it out.

Seriously. Click the link.

My favourite stories from each of the Curators so far:

Quicksilver and the Stranger – wonderful and unusual witchy tale by Claire Legrand

Johnny Knockers – a whale tale, but so weird and strange, by Stefan Bachmann

Lucky, lucky girl – but she’s not a very nice girl!  by Katherine Catmull

Fairy Cakes – and very creepy little fairies they are, too, by Emma Trevayne

There. Cheerleading over.

Head on over to their blog and you’ll see what I’m raving about.