The Librarian

Library of books

Picture copyright: Claire Fuller

Roger Compton, Digital Archivist, thought the Librarian would be a big help.
She even made him tea.
But thereafter she sat behind her desk: watching, like a scientist observing a new species. In a sense he was; his equipment would digitise the collection – making her irrelevant.
He reached for ‘Josiah Winscott – Secret Life’.
Then stumbled.
Titles blurred before him.
“Help me….” he gasped, eyes bulging.
The Librarian stared.
Such a noisy man, and waited as the tea took effect.
Later, she placed ‘Josiah Winscott’  back on his shelf, before flicking through ‘Roger Compton – My Life in Books’.
Then filed him in ‘New Arrivals’.

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